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2015 Football Parent Letter

South Cherokee Recreation Association



Parent Handbook


6620 Old Highway 5

Woodstock, GA 30188

Dear Parent,

On behalf of all of us at the South Cherokee Recreation Association, I would like to welcome all of our new families to the organization and welcome back all of our returning families.  Our organization has been built on a family of volunteers and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Redskins family. 

The following pages are designed to provide the necessary information to ensure a positive experience for your football player.


  1. Parent Code of Conduct

  2. General Rules of the Road

  3. Football Information

  4. Ages & Weights for Football Teams

  5. Practice Policy for Heat and Humidity

  6. What to expect during the 2016 Season

Section 1:  Parent Code of Conduct

  • I will help the coach aid my child by ensuring my child is on time and properly equipped for all practices and games.

  • I will support my child’s team and SCRA as they strive to give my child a positive experience.  I will volunteer where I can.  I understand that my child’s coach has volunteered to spend countless hours of their personal time with my child.

  • I will support all coaches and SCRA volunteers working with my child.  I will remember that the game is for the youth; not the adults.

  • I will abide by the following rules at all times:

    • No pets of any kind are allowed at the football complex.

    • No weapons of any kind are allowed at an SCRA event.

    • No profane, abusive, or threatening language is permitted at any time at a SCRA event.

    • Violence or physical confrontation of any type will not be tolerated.

  • I will respect the officials and coaches in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.  I will respect their authority during games and at practices.  I will never question, discuss, or confront the officials or coaches after the game.  If I want to talk to the coaches I will do so in a respectful manner after or before practice.  I will never confront or disrespectfully address an official after a game.

  • I will refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and at practices, unless I am one of the official coaches of the team.

  • I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game, practice, and other youth sporting events.  At no time will I taunt, berate, or belittle players or coaches from either team.

  • I will remember the game is for fun; winning should never be placed ahead of the emotional and physical wellbeing of any child.  I expect my child and his/her coach to do the best they can, and that is all I can expect.

  • I will cheer for my child’s team in a positive manner; refrain from being negative toward the opposing team, the officials, coaches, and SCRA volunteers.

  • I understand there will be no profanity under any circumstance before, during, or after any SCRA Football/Cheerleading event.  I understand that if I choose to use profanity during these times, I will immediately be asked to leave the facility.

I understand the above expectations of me as a parent.  I also understand that it is my responsibility to make sure any guest of mine at a SCRA event understands and conforms to these expectations.  I further understand that any violation can result in me not being able to attend any SCRA events, including practices or games, and may lead to my child being removed from the league.

Section 2:  General Rules of the Road

  1. All Directors, Coaches, and Team Parents are volunteers and should be treated with the same respect that you expect.  SCRA IS AN ALL VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION.

  2. A parent or guardian MUST accompany each child to all practices and games.  If you are unable to attend with your child, please advise the coach and/or Team Parent, in writing who will be responsible for your child in case of emergency.  (This person must be 18 years of age)

  3. Drive slowly while entering or leaving the parking area.  Watch for children running between the cars. 

  4. Good sportsmanship is expected of everyone!  All persons are required to conduct themselves in a manner that sets a positive example for our children, whether you are in the stands, on the field, or on the sidelines.  This is required whether you are at SCRA or at another association’s field.  Use of profane or vulgar language will result in immediate ejection from the park.

  5. Maintaining a clean park is the responsibility of everyone.  Please keep trash picked up in and around the playing field, restrooms, and concessions area.  Leave the facilities cleaner than you found them.  This is especially true when playing away games.  Please be considerate of our hosts and clean up after ourselves when playing at another association’s park.

  6. No animals of any kind are allowed in the game or practices areas.

  7. The concession stand operates as a fundraising activity for the association.  All food and drink must be acquired through the concession stand.  Team fundraising activities may not include the sale of food or drinks on game days or practices without the written permission of the SCRA Board of Directors.

  8. Unless specifically requested by a coach, parents cannot enter the practice area or game field for any reason.  Should your child become injured, the coaches will determine the seriousness of the injury and send for you as appropriate.

  9. Admission Fee:  Parents are put on notice that there is an admission fee to all NWGYFL Games.  All parents, siblings, and guests should expect that they will be required to pay the fee to get in and watch their child.

Section 3:  Football Information

  • Equipment

Football equipment consists of one (1) helmet, one (1) set of shoulder pads, one (1) pair of game pants, and a complete set of pant pads (7 pieces).

These items remain the property of the South Cherokee Recreation Association and are issued to you for your child’s use and protection.  No alteration may be performed without the prior written permission of the Board of Directors.  The proper care and safeguarding of these items are your responsibility.  We require a deposit check in the amount of $200 which will be held until the end of the season.  After your team’s last sanctioned game, on a date and manner determined by the Equipment Director, the equipment must be cleaned and returned to SCRA without change in condition or appearance, normal wear expected.  In the event of loss, if all the equipment is not returned or if the equipment is returned damaged, your deposit will be used by SCRA for replacement.  Upon request, the Equipment Director will provide a schedule of costs for issued equipment.

Game jerseys will remain the property of the player at the end of the season.


  • Equipment not covered by Registration Fee

Each player is responsible for obtaining their own shoes (rubber cleats only, no metal or hard plastic replaceable cleats are allowed), socks, mouthpieces (no clear or white mouthpieces), practice jerseys, or any additional pads that the player may want.

Each individual team is responsible for collecting monies to have names put on the back of jerseys.

Practices begin on Monday, July 27.  Teams may practice up to five times per week until the third Sunday in August.  After the third Sunday in August, practices are conducted on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.  Practices commence at 6:30 PM and end no later than 8:30 PM.  The Head Coach or Team Parent will contact you in case a practice is cancelled or rescheduled.

Section 4:  Ages & Weights for Football Players

Division           Base Weight               Restricted Weight     Age

5U                    75 lbs.                          Over 75 lbs.                 May not be 6 before 8/1

6U                    85 lbs.                          Over 85 lbs.                 May not be 7 before 8/1

7U                    95 lbs.                          Over 95 lbs.                 May not be 8 before 8/1

8U                    105 lbs.                        Over 105 lbs.               May not be 9 before 8/1

9U                    115 lbs.                        Over 115 lbs.               May not be 10 before 8/1

10U                  125 lbs.                        Over 125 lbs.               May not be 11 before 8/1

11/12U            145 lbs.                        Over 145 lbs.               May not be 13 before 8/1

All players whose weight is above the designated Base Weight for their age group, as set forth in the above chart, shall be designated as “Restricted Players” and wear a sticker on the back of their helmet.

  1. Restricted Players are restricted to playing in a three or four point stance as a down lineman position from tackle to tackle when on offense.  The only exception is for the 5U and 6U teams which allows line players to take a two point stance (feet parallel to the line, knees bent) but may not take a sprinter’s stance nor stand straight up.

  2. Restricted Players are restricted to playing in a three or four point stance as a down lineman position between the outside shoulders of the offensive tackles when on defense.  The only exception is for the 5U and 6U teams which allows line players to take a two point stance (feet parallel to the line, knees bent) but may not take a sprinter’s stance nor stand straight up.

  3. Restricted Players may play on the kick return team, but not on kick off teams.

  4. Restricted Players may not run the ball, play as a receiver or advance the ball on the kick return team.

  5. Restricted players may recover fumbles or intercept passes, but may not advance fumbles or intercepted passes.

  6. Restricted Players may punt and/or kick extra points or field goals, but may not kick-off, advance the ball as a runner, or when serving as the kicker or holder act as a lead blocker on special teams.

  • Starting the season

All football players are eligible to start practice on July 27th

The first three (3) days a player comes out to practice will be in HELMETS, SHORTS, AND TSHIRT ONLY (NO FULL PADS UNTIL THE PLAYERS FOURTH DAY OF PRACTICE).

Practices may be conducted five (5) days a week until the 3rd Sunday in August.  Thereafter, practices are conducted three (3) days per week.

The first regular season game will be held on the last Saturday in August.  We will try to attend a preseason Jamboree to obtain much needed game day experience.

  • Regular Season

Game schedules will be distributed as soon as they are finalized by the NWGYFL.  Times and locations will vary from team to team.  Our regular season typically consists of 9-10 regular season games prior to playoffs and possibly the championship game.

Most games are held on Saturdays.  Due to scheduling issues, there may be a weeknight game (rarely happens).

Generally the schedule allows for 4 to 5 home games and 4 to 5 away games. 

Typically the 5U teams start playing at 9 AM and each age group will follow two (2) hours after the previous age group. 

  • Game Days

Players MUST arrive at the playing field 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to game time.  Players are required to weigh-in 1 hour before the start of the game.  The early arrival allows the players’ time to line up for weigh-in, gives them time to stretch and warm up before the start of the game, and ensure all equipment is adjusted.  Players that miss the pre-game weigh-in will not be allowed to participate in the scheduled game.

  • Certification

Age Certification for all participants is required by the football conference we are a member of, the North West Georgia Youth Football League (NWGYFL).  For these reasons, a Certified Birth Certificate (with raised seal), is required for every football player.  Please make sure you have the certified birth certificate to your Head Coach or Team Parent as soon as possible.

After Certification, all birth certificates will be returned to the parents as soon as possible through the Head Coach or Team Parent.  Players must be certified to participate in the NWGYFL!

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